How I Embraced Change for a Better Life

I want to say I haven’t been avoiding this page. I want to say I’ve been so terribly busy that I just haven’t found the time to write a measly 5oo word blog article. But most of all, I want to be honest.

I’ve been neglecting the blog that I created whole heartedly a year ago.

Let’s just say exposing difficult life events can be quite challenging. First off, I’m no longer with the person I sincerely thought I was going to marry. I’m no longer living life on the road. I don’t even have a dog, guys.

Plot twist: I’m doing okay. More than okay.


I’m still in San Antonio, a city I’ve grown to love. With life on the road behind me, I’ve been able to begin my career. I have a beautiful apartment, a lovely roommate and awesome new friends. And that only covers the surface of what I’ve been up to.

Without sounding too cliche, here are a few meaningful things I’ve learned from embracing my time alone.

Be Happy for Other People

As a newly single 25 year old, I refuse to feel sorry for myself. Admittedly, that’s not the easiest thing to do in our social media obsessed world. Seeing so many people my age getting engaged, married or starting families can be extremely irritating when you were in their shoes just a few months ago! While it’s not the easiest thing to see, I’ve learned that just because that’s not where I am in my life, doesn’t mean I should feel bitter towards anyone else’s.

Be Selfish

Truthfully, I LOVE being single. I don’t have to think about anyone but myself. I mentioned not having a dog earlier – that separation was one of the hardest parts about the breakup. People keep telling me to get one of my own but to be honest, I have no desire to take care of anyone but myself, including a fur baby. And that’s SUCH a liberating feeling! It’s time to focus on MY needs, wants and desires – no one else’s! (Side note: I’m still the crazy dog lady that will ask to pet your dog.)

Date Yourself

Although I’ve never been a dependent person, these past few months certainly resurfaced and peaked my independence. I have no problem with taking myself to a sit down restaurant. Movies are great to do alone too, I swear. I even booked a solo trip to Cancun! I believe the more comfortable you are with yourself, the more people want to be around you.

Try New Things – Seriously!

I love trying things I’ve never done before. It’s such a kick ass feeling to know that you tried something new, even if you discover it’s not your thing! I’ve been keeping so busy with trying new things and others that I already know I enjoy. Yoga, church, reading, singing lessons, running, exploring the city, coffee and beer joints have been keeping me busy as ever!

Embrace Your Singleness

Never have I felt more freedom in my life. I’m in my mid-twenties with a stable job and no one to look to for approval. I’m going to say it: the world is my oyster! If I want to take singing lessons, I sign up. If I want to take a trip, I book my flight right then and there. If I want to eat an entire pizza to myself, I devour it.

As amazing as pizza is, the best part about being single is the ability to find out who I am as a person. Like truly, intentionally discover who I am, what I like, why I like that, what I want out of life, the list goes on. Allowing internal thoughts move toward self-discovery and reflection is the most important thing you can do.


3 responses to “How I Embraced Change for a Better Life”

  1. Love it!! You amaze me cutie! Keep shining bright and sharing ❤ you are so beautiful inside and out!!


    1. Thank you so much Robyn! xoxox


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